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Leumi International

Privacy Policy

Leumi Bank respects the privacy of its clients and those that use its services and attaches great importance to safeguarding it.
The bank makes great efforts to properly safeguard the information that you provided and takes many and innovative measures to safeguard the information and your privacy.

This privacy policy provides details as to the information that the bank is collecting about you and the use made of such information while using the digital services, including the Internet websites of the bank, cellular applications and other online services (hereinafter collectively: the “Services” or the “Online Services”).
If necessary, additional details are specified as to specific products and services together with such products and services.


  1. All the data that you provided during your use of the website and/or the application and/or services ancillary to them, including personally identifiable information and additional information, including during transfer and/or receipt of funds by way of the Services, are being provided by you willingly and by your consent and without being under any legal obligation to provide such data. You know and you agree that the information will be held on the databases of the Leumi group and/or anyone on its behalf or for it, in Israel as well as abroad.
  2. The information obtained with and as a result of the Services and/or the use of the Services including during execution of transactions and any other information arising from your activity in them will be stored on such databases.
  3. In addition, if you use the website and/or the application to execute a transfer, you are aware that the bank may deliver your details to the transferee of your transfer and/or to service providers that may be required to execute your requests.
  4. The Services are mainly intended for users over 18 years of age. If a particular service is made available to users under 18 years of age, such user must obtain the consent of one of their parents or their legal guardians prior to the use of the Services and the delivery of personally identifiable information in the framework of such Services. The bank may and will take security measures and will use automatic software to characterize user data in order to ensure and/or verify the identity of the users of the Online Services and/or various digital services and in order to prevent fraud and impersonation.
  5. You are aware and you agree that the bank may use the information for the purpose of providing the Services and/or making decisions, including by way of a third party. In addition, you agree and confirm that the bank may use the information in order to contact you and/or for direct or automatic marketing purposes, advertising or loyalty enhancement and/or for monitoring purposes and/or for statistical analysis of the information for its needs and/or in order to prevent fraud and/or illegal activity, all subject to the provisions of applicable law.
  6. The bank may process and characterize the information you delivered and/or information about your activity, including by way of anyone on its behalf. The information processing products obtained by the bank may be used to offer you various products or services that may be of interest to you or that may be useful to you, all subject to your rights pursuant to applicable law.
  7. All the information that you deliver and/or information that will be obtained in the framework of the Services and/or as a result of your use of the website and/or the application will be kept confidential pursuant to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981 and subject to the duties and/or legal requirements or regulatory requirements applicable to the bank.
  8. The bank may use or operate software that gathers and/or characterizes information on all your activities with the bank, in a variety of means used to communicate with the bank, and analyzes it for the purpose of streamlining the Services of the bank and for better adjustment of the Services to your needs or characteristics, and by using the Services you agree to the above.
  9. The bank uses different types of software and technologies based, among other things, on cookies, tags, pixels, web beacons, and other storage technologies (hereinafter collectively, the “Cookies”) in order to collect or obtain information on the Online Services or in order to present focused information and make it accessible on them or on other websites, as part of the ongoing operation of the Online Services, in order to verify your details and/or to verify your identity, as well as in order to collect and characterize various statistical data about you and about the way that you use the Online Services, transactions that have been made using them, user preferences, measurement, segmentation and adjustment services for ads, adjustment of Services and products to the personal preferences or needs of the user, adjustment and focus of advertising and marketing contents according to the information and the data being collected and processed as mentioned, including cross referencing all such data with other uses of the user of the various Online Services and of other platforms provided by the bank and/or through the bank, be it in direct transactions with the bank at the branches in management of the user’s accounts and/or be it in other online and digital transactions of the user by way of other website or additional applications of the bank.
  10. As part of that, use may be made of third party cookies including Google Ads, Google DV, Google Analytics, ReCaptcha AppsFlyer, Firebase, Facebook Pixels, LinkedIn, Taboola, as well as other statistics and advertising services by companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, pursuant to the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of such companies, in order to characterize and monitor events, in order to focus advertisements for users and audiences, in order to carry out transactions on digital channels and in order to identify use patterns, in a hashed or encrypted manner or in the aggregate in a manner that is not personally identifiable. Cookies are in fact text files (or code) that are created in the browser or on your mobile device if you allowed this in the settings of your device / computer and collect relevant information such as the duration of your stay on a particular website / page / screen, the manner of your surfing and the actions that were taken on them, including the use of your IP address, the domain name and the service access points, the location of the device, the connection dates and times and other digital identification codes. Such cross referencing of data and uses is necessary for the bank in order to, among other things, secure the information and protect the access to information about you, as well as to prevent fraud, impersonation, unauthorized use or abuse of the various services of the bank for you. In addition, such use will be made in order to make financial, business and other decisions pertaining to the supply of various services and their scope for you.
  11. For additional information on the use of relevant Cookies, please review directly the following addresses:; or ; at - ; At, and at -,
    If you wish to remove yourself from use of these tools or similar tools or to delete the Cookie files on you device on a current basis, you may do so manually by way of the settings on your browser / device, or by using the automatic tools accessible for free such as: or - that will perform such removal for you according to your choice.
    In addition, you may edit your preferences as to tools and services offered by Google through:  as well as:
    It is further clarified that you may at any time update or change the settings on your device / computer and block the use of Cookies in part or altogether and/or other permissions requested by online and digital services that you are using. In such event, it may be the case that certain Services will not operate properly, in whole or in part, (for example, it may by that automatic identification, use preferences or the sample language will not be saved). Changing the settings on your device is under your exclusive responsibility. In addition, you may remove yourself from using Google Analytics and other third party services as specified herein above according to their terms and conditions and reset and control the advertising addressed to you by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other using your user settings directly on their websites. For example, on your Facebook website, you may access your profile settings: - settings and privacy - settings - your information on Facebook - activities outside of Facebook (there you would be able to manage the information Facebook shares with its business clients according to your choice).
    By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and the terms and conditions of service included in it, you agree to the use of the technologies described and other technologies, as such may be from time to time, for similar purposes, including the use of information that will be accrued by using them for the purpose of your identification and/or characterization using them.
  12. When using the Services links to external pages may appear in the form of advertisements, banners, links and so forth. If you are able to use the links to websites or additional services, if you elect to use them and from the moment of such use, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of such websites / pages / applications. It is clarified that in the event that you elect to use and/or download and/or install external websites / pages / applications interfaced through the use of the Services, the bank has no control over the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of such external websites / pages / applications and/or on the manner of their operation and/or the consequences of the use of such external websites / pages / applications and/or the risks involved in the use of such external websites / pages / applications and you will be fully liable for the use of such external websites / pages / applications. It is recommended to review and read the privacy policy of such websites prior to using them. Thus, for example, you may find details as to the policy of Facebook in the following link:
  13. In addition, you may be able to use products and/or applications of third parties, presented and/or made accessible through the application for your convenience only. The use of such products and/or services is under your exclusive responsibility and subject to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of use of the operators of such products and/or services. Accordingly, we recommend that you review the privacy policy of Google in the context of the map and/or locations and/or location services offered by it at the address:; if you choose to use such services through the application.
  14. Without derogating from such uses as set forth herein above, if the settings on your device enable it, the bank may deliver statistical information and/or aggregate information that is not personalized and is not personally identifiable to you to third parties, among other things in order to improve, enrich or streamline the Service and ancillary or related services, as well as in order to offer content adjusted for your preferences and needs.
  15. When a location-based service is active on your device, Leumi may use the information relating to your location obtained by the GPS signals, from Wi-Fi access points that are nearby and from cellular antennae, regardless of whether the application is on or off. You can remove the location-based service by way of the operating system on your device. After such service is removed, we will no longer receive information as to your location.
  16. When the notifications service is active on your device, we will be able to send you various alerts relating to the application on your device, the transactions that were carried out using the application, important updates and in order to offer you various products or services that you may find of interest, from time to time, based upon your preferences and/or your uses of your managed account or the application, all subject to your rights pursuant to applicable law. You can remove or block the notification service by changing the settings of the operating system on your device.
  17. If you choose to use the “digital wallet” or “mobile payment” services, you will be requested to approve the use of your credit card and/or debit card details for charging purposes in the framework of that service, and in particular: The details appearing on the credit card being used with the service (in whole or in part), your cell phone, and receiving indications from your device as to the use of a lock code on the device and/or a pattern and/or a biometric identification device (fingerprints or face identification), as you may choose to use. The list of essential components for the use of such service and for the clearing of the credit card that you choose may be updated from time to time. In the framework of such service, your credit card details may be delivered to third parties that are required for such purpose from the operational side in order to provide the service, in an encrypted manner, and including delivery to secured credit card companies and/or clearing companies. It is hereby clarified that the use of mobile payment services may allow third parties (the businesses where payment is made, the credit card companies, the clearing companies and so forth) to gather and process information about your means of payment or other information about the purchase or collection transactions being requested by you in the framework of the service.
  18. It is clarified that in addition to this privacy policy, the legal aspects and any other terms and conditions of use - if any - will apply as well, in addition to this privacy policy, as well as all the documents that you signed in connection with the bank account being managed in your name, if any. The provisions set forth in these terms and conditions add and do not derogate from any other agreement between you and Leumi.
  19. Permissions to be approved on the application:
    19.1. Access to your contacts - that permission is required in order to allow the user to select from the contacts list on the user’s device the contacts that the user wishes to add to requests that the user initiated using the application
    19.2. Permission to receive push notifications using the application - that permission is requested in order to be able to send the user push notifications related  to important updates, account activity alerts, including the suspension/ reactivation of the card and in order to offer you various products or services that may be of interest to you, from time to time, based upon your preferences and/or uses of the account that you manage or the application, all subject to your rights pursuant to applicable law.
    19.3. Access to the device camera - that permission is requested for the check deposit and voucher payment service, request to load cards, or in order to enable the user to take photographs for the profile picture, photographs for money requests from a parent or photographs for savings when made available.
    19.4. Access to the photograph gallery and to storage or memory on your device - that permission is requested if the client wishes to save screenshots of transactions or application screens and/or to enable the user to select pictures for the profile and/or background pictures from the photograph gallery, photographs for money requests from a parent and photographs for savings when available, and/or in order to load files from the device memory upon request of the user.
    19.5. Access to reading SMS messages - to improve data and for information security, identification and verification of details, and in order to read to SMS message code sent to your device automatically.

    19.6. Access to identity / phone / device ID - to create a unique identifier during the registration to various services, identification and verification as well as security checks.

    19.7. Calendar - for the “take a picture and pay” service and/or in order to create reminders for the payment of the next bill on the device calendar.

    19.8. Device location - for use of the branch location service in relation to the device location as well as for the purpose of information security, to verify the identity of users.

    19.9. Access to NFC connection - for mobile payment services, if requested and approved by the client.

    19.10. Access to the application list on the device - access may be granted to that list, however, only for the purpose of identifying potential security threats that may jeopardize the use or your access to the bank’s application.

  20. 20. If you have any questions or requests for data access or data deletion, or if you think that your privacy has been impaired in some way, you may contact us through the “talk to us” section on Leumi’s website:, and we will comply according to the applicable law.