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Leumi's Community Activities

The "Ma’ase" Youth Organization

The Ma’ase youth organization was founded to promote the values of volunteerism and to encourage youth to become active leaders and participants in their communities. 


On Sunday, June 26, 2011, in the Ben Shemen Youth Village there was an end of year commencement ceremony for approximately 600 members of the Ma'ase organization. The event was honored by the attendance of Knesset member, Zevulun Orlev, who serves as the Prime Lobbyer for the advancement of national civil service. In addition to his honored presence, Orlev was quoted as saying, “I call upon the Government of Israel: Give everyone their right to volunteer!”


Mr. Elie Elalouf, the CEO of the "Rashi Foundation" and winner of Israel’s lifetime achievement award also participated in the event, as did Mr. Noam Lautman, Chairman of the Board of the Ma’ase Organization as well as Mrs. Judith Yovel Recanati, chairperson of the Gandyr foundation and founder of NATAL, the Israel Trauma center for Victims of Terror and War.  Also in attendance was Mr. Amram Mitzna, Israeli politician, former mayor of Haifa, military general and Labor party leader (2002-2003). 


"Leumi Tomorrow – The Centennial Fund for Endowing Israel's Future Generation" NPO was initially established by Bank Leumi in 2002, as the main pipeline for Bank Leumi’s investment in the Israeli community.  The "Leumi Tomorrow" fund’s primary purpose is to support and encourage youth through a variety of educational enrichment programs. In 2006, the "Leumi Tomorrow" fund became affiliated with Ma’ase, a non-profit organization aimed at providing youth with the opportunity to actively participate in their communities through valuable volunteer work, improve on or complete their high school matriculation exams, study for their psychometric examination and learn valuable language skills.


Out of the desire to effect social change, Ma’ase created a volunteer program for those disadvantaged youth, ages 18 until 21, to allow youth to take an active part in their communities.  Most if not all of Ma’ase’s participants are considered as ‘underprivileged’ youth, who up until their arrival into Ma’ase, had not been given the opportunity to participate in volunteer work.  


The value-based educational approach of Ma’ase is based on the demand for: equal achievement, actualization of an individual’s potential and the belief in the ability of all youth to develop and advance themselves in the State of Israel.


The three primary goals of the Ma’ase program are: providing youth with the ability to hone and improve on personal and social skills, allowing participants to  perform valuable volunteer work in the field of education and allowing those youth volunteers to improve upon and work towards future educational skills and goals.


Also notable is Ma’ase’s ongoing activity in the area of academic research, specifically in the field of ‘peripheral youth’ and volunteerism. The Ma’ase organization is active not only in researching this societal demographic, but in the production of literature, research results, and the creation of a systematic knowledge base. The basis for this body of work stems from a great deal of organizational experience working with youths from the ‘periphery’, as well as stemming from current academic literature and research conducted in the field.


The creation of this content serves a two-fold purpose.  The first purpose is the development of more effective, future volunteer programs, work methods and for the expansion of the Ma’aseh program.  The second purpose is to influence and affect the current literature existing on the subject of ‘peripheral youth’ and volunteerism, and to promote the values of volunteer work as an effective tool for social advancement in society.


Notwithstanding, Ma’ase is also active in the distribution of its research materials and volunteer training methodology, primarily to those organizations that foster and promote volunteer work.  These activities allow Ma’ase to spread its values, influence civil society, add a fresh perspective to the areas of volunteerism and to develop vital business relationships that strengthen the overall success of the Ma’ase program.

Ma'ase Organization Logo
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Members of the "Ma'ase" Youth Organization