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Security Information

Cautionary Measures Against Internet Fraud (Phishing)


Leumi, as well as other global financial institutions, is a target of fraud attempts by hostile agents. They utilize sophisticated methods for collecting customer data for the purpose of accessing their accounts. One of these methods is by sending e-mails or text messages, which contain a link to fake websites. This threat requires adopting cautionary measures by both the bank and by customers alike.


The following is a list of rules and recommendations, which will assist you in safeguarding and protecting your private information when browsing the Leumi websites:


  • It is recommended to type the bank's URL directly and not to access the site through links.
  • When accessing the website, ensure that the general form and external appearance of the website are familiar to you. Take note of the language used on the site. If you are used to logging in to your account through instructions provided in Hebrew, avoid entering your identification details on a screen written in a different language.
  • When using Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Safari 3.2, Opera 9.5, Google Chrome (and more advanced versions of these browsers), the URL of a suspicious or false website will appear against a red or yellow background in the browser's address bar, and a warning will be displayed to its side.





A website known to be false – colored red 


A suspicious web site – colored yellow



Nevertheless, even if no warning signs appear, one must remain aware of suspicious signs:


  • Under no circumstances should personal details (username, passwords, account number,credit card number etc.) be sent to any other person via e-mail, even if they identify themselves as working for Bank Leumi or as identified with the bank.
  • Whenever accessing the web site through a link that appears in an e-mail or text message, ensure that the link is associated with a verified Leumi website. Also,  when entering/sending your personal details pertaining to Leumi (including passwords), ensure that these web sites belong to Leumi’s official web sites (see the paragraph about “verifying the Leumi website on the Internet” in the section, Instructions for Browsing through Your Leumi Account). Fraudulent activities often involve false web sites, which appear to be precise copies of the official bank’s website.
  • Please note: Leumi does not send e-mail or text messages asking you to login to your account via an attached link.
  • Should you receive a message that arouses your suspicions, do not click on the attached link. Contact the Leumi Technical Support Call Center and send a copy of the message to:


Signs of Fraudulent Messages:

  • Messages that expressly request sending personal identification details by e-mail or text message.

  • Messages that contain a note of urgency, which pressure you to provide or update your registration details at the bank (either through e-mail, text message or supposedly through the bank’s website), while threatening to interrupt the service should you not comply with the request.

  • Messages that contain grammatical errors (these errors enable the message to bypass content filtering mechanisms that usually exist in large companies).


  • If you have accessed an aforementioned link and entered your personal identification information, login to your account immediately via Leumi's official website and change your password. Review the recent transactions that were executed since feeding your details. It is also recommended to change your user name at your branch.
  • For additional expanded information click on the provided links below:


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