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Security Information

Increased Security when Executing Online Transactions

This article concerns using  portable media (CD-ROM/floppy disk/USB flash drive) as an enhanced security measure.  It is also known by the name of 'Disc/Diskette."  Any other appearance of the phrase "disk/diskette/removable media" will be changed into "removable media"


Working with portable media media when performing transactions:

Leumi Digital enables executing account transactions more securely when using portable media. These means are intended to ensure that the transaction is indeed executed by you (the owner of the portable media), or only from your computer (working with a disk).


Why is it advisable to use portable media?

Using these devices provide greater security when executing transactions, because it is based on the presence of a physical object, in addition to regular personal identification. This means that when the account is accessed by a person who does not have the diskette/ removable media at his disposable, it will be impossible to execute transactions from the account (pursuant to the security level that you have defined – see below).


How does the system work?

The portable media contains unique keys. When conducting a transaction, the system checks and validates that key. If the check succeeds, the system enables the operation to continue and replaces the key with a new key. Conversely, the system warns that it has not identified the disk/diskette/ removable media and the transaction will not be executed.


You have the option of defining the required security level:


  • Executing transactions with a diskette/ removable media for all types of transactions
  • Executing transactions with a diskette/ removable media when transferring to third parties only (for those with permission to transfer to third parties)
  • Executing transactions without an inspection of the diskette/ removable media


Please note:


  • The portable media are personal. They should be kept securely and removed from the computer after use.
  • While using a disk, additional identification files are stored on your computer (it is impossible to access the system from another computer).


If you wish to take advantage of Leumi's enhanced security means, please contact the Online Security Center or your branch


Do you require additional assistance?:


The direct browsing assistance system is at your disposal (select Messages and Definitions>Identification and Definitions Fields Update> Execute Transactions with a disk/ removable media).


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