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Security Information

Instructions for Browsing Through your Leumi Account

The Internet provides diverse services but also bears many risks. We therefore consider it very important to follow some basic rules for secure browsing.


Protecting your identification details:

  • Your Leumi identification credentials are private and confidential.  Identification information also includes email addresses, identification numbers, credit card numbers, etc.  Do not share them with any other person, or keep them in a way which can be found and used. 
  • When identifying yourself to the system, make sure that there are no unauthorized people around you. 
  • Never give your personal password to anyone, even if they identify themselves as Bank Leumi or with the Bank. If you are asked to divulge your personal password, do not do so!  Report this immediately to the supervisor of the Leumi support center
  • Do not keep your identification details on your computer for fear of exposure to Trojan Horses or file-sharing software (such as e-Mule), which enable access to files on your computer.
  • When registering for other websites, do not use the same identification information (username and password) used for your Leumi account.
  • Bank Leumi does not ask its clients to send their credentials to the website vie email or SMS. 


When accessing the system:

  •  It is recommended to avoid browsing your account on computers with unknown security levels.
  • When you connect to the system, avoid opening windows to other websites at the same time.
  • When accessing the bank’s web site, type in the URL manually
  • When accessing your account, the date and time of your last communication with the system will appear. Please check that the data that appears is correct.
  • If you are accessing the system, take care to prevent others from looking at or taking down your personal information.
  • When exporting data and saving files on your computer, you should encrypt the files using an encryption tool. Under no circumstances should you save data files on a public computer
  • When using the web browser, next to the website URL a green lock icon will be presented. Clicking on the lock will present the details of the certificate validity and owners (for some of the websites and browsers, along with the lock icon the owner's name will be presented automatically).



Exiting the system:

  • After 20 idle minutes on the system, your connection will be terminated automatically. However, do not wait for automatic disconnection and execute an initiated disconnection using the "logout" button.

  • When terminating use of the system, especially on an unknown computer, you must close the browser. After exiting the system, accessing the system will only be possible by means of re-identification.


Treatment of passwords:

  • Choosing a password – When first accessing the system, you have to type in the initial user/password information that you received, then immediately replace it with your own personal password. It is important that the password is random, difficult to guess and easy for you to remember. The password should include at least six characters that include letters and numerals.

  • Changing the password –Your personal password can be changed at any time and it is recommended to change it whenever there is a fear of disclosure. In order to change the password, click on the “Setting” option in the upper menu. In the window that opens, select the “change password” option.

  • Towards the end of 180 days from the first time that your password was changed, the system will present you with a warning notice to change the password. If the password is not changed at the end of 180 days, it will be blocked from the system.

  • A blocked password – The password will be blocked from the system after five unsuccessful typing attempts. 

  • Clearing the password – In order to clear a blocked password, contact the Leumi support center via telephone or email.

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